Saturday, September 10, 2011

Addicted to Electronics

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I am so addicted that if someone started an Electronics Anonymous group, I wouldn't go because I would be on my laptop, ipad, or texting my friends. The computer is the main way I keep in touch with people because of my dislike of talking on the phone.  My phone is for texting the friends that don't chat on facebook.  

People always ask, "How are you doing?" and it takes all I have to not tell them to read my blog if they want to find out.  When something exciting happens in my life, my twitter friends find out before my family.  Sometimes, when I get around to it, I'll sign onto Facebook and let the hundreds of friends there know how I am doing.

The last few days, I have kind of felt guilty for the amount of time I spend online... so this week I am going to try to unplug a little more and try to do some of my other hobbies.  I think one hour here and there unplugged is doable.  

Do you spend a large amount of time online?  Do you feel guilty about it?

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