Saturday, August 13, 2011


I don't know how I possibly spend so much time each day on the computer between twitter and facebook, but somehow, it occupies many hours!

Yesterday, I signed on in the morning, checked a few things, and got off the computer within 15 minutes.  I signed on in the afternoon to check a few things out and then didn't sign on in the evening at all until after 11pm.

I had fun when I wasn't online checking out all the cool things that you guys were doing!  I went shopping with my sisters, we grabbed lunch for 10, ate, then went out back of my mom and dad's house.  My parents made an amazing outdoor room with patio chairs, swings, and a glider.  We watched the children play, we talked, then someone came up with a great idea that it was nap time.  I am not sure how many people took advantage of it, but from the time nap time was mentioned to the time I went to sleep was less than 20 minutes.

I woke up just in time to go to my sister-in-law's softball game.  Her team won, but we left when they were up 5-1.  Usually I would stay to support her, but my brothers' softball game was starting! 

People must have thought I was anti-social, but for 5 months I had been planning the perfect place to watch this.  I hugged a few people (I have been in my hometown for less than 36 hours), talked to a few more, then brought my chair to spot that is the best view in the park!  It is in the outfield, about 60 feet behind the outfield fence, and on a little hill.  Soon enough, others started joining me and we cheered the team on!  They won the first game of the tournament too!

We all went back to my parents' house, we ate some spaghetti, visited, and once again, I was the first to announce I was tired.  I felt all proud of myself for being asleep by 11:30, only to wake up at 4:45.  I haven't been back to sleep and believe me, I gave it an impressive try!!

I climbed out of bed, let the allergens dogs outside, and decided to let you all know what is going on.  Today, I will mostly be unplugged, but I will need to check in to the blogs, facebook, and twitter to make sure I don't miss anything too exciting!

Why is it so hard sometimes to unplug?  It is refreshing to be able to spend this time with family, get some fresh air, and make some memories!! 
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