Monday, August 15, 2011

A Story about My Blog

Each day I looked at my blog I wanted something different.  My sister Susan (click her name to go to her blog) created a header that I really loved, but, as far as I know, that was the end of her blog design knowledge. Susan was the one that set up the comment form, the statcounter, and informed me about how important Alexa would be.  I am so thankful that Susan learned from her experiences and taught me. 

Since Susan does not do Blog Design, I found a few blogs that I liked and clicked on the designer's buttons.  After looking through prices, portfolios, and policies; I decided to write to Erin. In my first email I wrote, " As far as creativity goes, I have none.  I hope that you would design something that you would have fun with and that I can enjoy!" In the email I gave her the link to the blog so she would know what she was working with.

My first email went out to her on August 2nd and on August 3rd she wrote to me, after reading through some of my blog pages, and pitched an excellent idea for my header.  She knew that a family photo would be important which is on the side table, asked for my favorite outfit, which is jeans and a blouse, and went from there.  Each day she would send an email at the start of her day and when she was done working on it to keep me informed!  I never had to guess what was happening.

One morning she surprised me and had my webpage up and running before I woke up!  I went and looked at it and thought it looked pretty perfect... with the exception of three very minor things that were easily tweaked.  I wrote back to her, she changed it without any hesitation, and now I have a blog page that I am so delighted with.  It's my blog page with her expertise! 

In all there were 29 emails exchanged.  Now remember, my first contact with her was on August 2nd.  She had another client that she was working with, but kept in contact to let me know what I needed to do and to tell me what she was doing. On August 5th, she emailed the sketch she had drawn.  It went fast from there!!

The part of the policies that really won me over was, "Included with the initial price is my service for as long as my design is on your site. This means I will be here to fix all your HTML problems, answer questions and do MINOR design fixes or work. I will not leave my clients hanging. (Note: once you use a different design on your blog this service ends.)" 

My page went live on August 8th in the morning with her design.  If you are starting a blog, or need a new design, I highly recommend Samantha's Day Service.  Just click on the button at the top of the post to go to her site.

She is not offering me a discount for writing this or any kind of compensation, but I have always thought a job well done deserves some credit (besides payment!)

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