Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shutterfly's Photo Book and Other Products

I love to scrapbook and have done it since the mid-1990s, but recently I have found that photo books can save me time and money while telling the story that every great scrapper loves to tell!

Instead of printing out photographs, then cropping them and matting them, and then finding the right journaling technique that should be used, I can simply go and upload pictures to Shutterfly and get started.  After uploading from your computer, you will need to pick which of the two different options available suits you the best.  One option is the Simple Path and the other is the all new Custom Path. Both books start at $12.99, the Simple Path will arrange the photos for you, and the Custom Path will allow you to customize the book the way that you want it.  The Custom Path allows you to put many more pictures on a page and offers many embellishments and  layouts.  To learn more about the differences between the photo books.

My Grandfather (1918-2005)
The last time I made a photo book it took me about an hour.  I had to find the right pictures, come up with the perfect story and then mess around with it as I was reviewing it to make it the way I wanted it.  The next photo book will probably take just as long because I want it to be a Family History Book to tell the stories of my ancestors with significant dates and stories.  Shutterfly photo books will allow me to easily arrange the pictures with a variety of layouts, backgrounds, text boxes, stickers, and cover options which I will switch in and out until things are just the way I want them.  What is the next photo book you want to create with Shutterfly?  How long does it take you to create your perfect book?

I did not know all the products that Shutterfly had to offer until recently.  Much to my surprise, they have many products!  As I was looking through their website, I found a few products that I wanted to mention.  

Shutterfly offers wedding shower announcements in varying sizes and prices.  There are currently 81 different announcement designs.  You can upload the pictures, personalize the invitation, preview it, and then order it all with just a few clicks on the mouse and a small amount of time.  If I have the opportunity to have a wedding shower, I would use the Cake Topper Announcement.  Which one would you pick?  Look for your perfect bridal shower invitation.

I was simply amazed by their birthday party invitations.  I was expecting that they would only have birthday party invitations for children, but they have expanded into invitations for teenagers and adults.  My twin sister and I are turning 36 next month and I think it would be the perfect excuse to try out one of their birthday party invitations.  The one that I like the most is the Birthday Blossoms card.  Which birthday invitation would you pick for yourself or a child?

There are many products available at Shutterfly.  Please take the time to visit them at

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I will receive compensation in the form of a product from Shutterfly in exchange for this blog post.  The opinions and views expressed in this promotion are my own.
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