Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Night that May have Changed the Course of My Life

I was 14 and having another sleepover with some of my friends.  There were 4 of us strewn across the king sized waterbed and sure enough, I was the first to sleep (Sleep has always been near and dear to my heart!) 

My dad came downstairs and woke me up at some insanely early hour in the morning and asked me where everyone was.  This was a trick question I later found out... he knew.  I think in all my infinite sleepy wisdom I said, "The bathroom" and went back to sleep.  I really could care less that 3 people were missing from my bed... 

My Dad found the three missing girls allegedly drinking alcohol with the neighbors a few houses down and returned them to my bed.  Lucky me, right?!  I think Dad may have put the idea in my head when I woke up to make lots of waves in the waterbed and turn on the radio really loud, because that is what has been reported that I did!

What happened during the following hours was disgusting and horrific.  One by one, I heard people leaving my room and throwing up, A LOT!  Uggghhh, can't these people see I am trying to sleep!  If they left the bed so quietly to go drinking, why couldn't they puke silently?  Anyway...

Eventually this threesome woke up to a most wonderful treat.  My Mom and Dad prepared chocolate chip cookies for them to eat for breakfast and provided milk galore!  There was more puke and a lesson learned for me... anything that makes you puke after eating warm chocolate chip cookies isn't for me!
To this day, with all thanks to their sleepover trip, I have never tasted alcohol in my life.  

*Now... I am not knocking people that drink, this is just why I don't.*

 Is there a night, or experience, that you can remember thinking, "I need to start doing that" or "Wow, I am never going to do that again!"  I love hearing experiences from other people!! 
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