Friday, August 19, 2011

My Weight Loss Goals- Advice Wanted

I am at a point in my life where I don't like seeing pictures of myself.  30 pounds ago I didn't mind, even though I was considered fat then, and 50 pounds ago I was pretty happy with myself, even though by most people's standards, I was still fat.

Honestly, I cannot tell you what happened to make me this way, except for a knee injury and feeding my face more than I would have been able to if I had been working.  I have a few goals that I am going to share with you now and I will check in regularly.  I hope some of us can share goals, triumphs, and some failures together... I always have an epic failure when it comes to dieting and working out.

My goals are:
  1. Start tracking calories I eat
  2. Make an effort to exercise for at least 15 minutes each day for the first month
  3. Start drinking more water instead of a steady stream of soda pop
Those are simple for most people, but it will be a start for me, once again.  Is there anyone out there that needs some movement and control in their lives?  If so, please let me know and we can motivate each other. 

There are so many women out there that have lost weight and successfully kept it off.  How did you do it?  What was the biggest change you have made in your life?

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