Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leftovers Really Help Me Save Money

Mongolian Barbeque is one of the most delicious meals I can think of eating!  Each time I go and visit my brother in Richland, WA, we have went to this restaurant and I create something different!  I say create, because no two times will I ever do it exactly the same.

As you can see in this example, that is a heck of a lot of food!  (Don't worry, I didn't attempt to eat both bowls!)  I ate until I was even with the bowl and packed up the rest.  My two brothers, their wives, my sister and I all had leftovers after this meal.  We brought the leftovers back to my brother's house and the next day 13 of us had lunch using the leftovers.  The next day, all 13 of us again, finished off the leftovers!  We saved a ton of money by not eating out for two meals on this vacation.  Another great thing about Mongolian BBQ is that you can try each other's creations and decide what you would do differently next time!

When I make too much at home, I have learned it is possible to freeze a lot of different varieties of dinners, and have them for lunch or dinner another day.  This saves me more money than couponing ever could (until I figure out extreme couponing!)

Please share one or two of your money saving tips in the comments below and maybe we can help out other people looking for ways to save.
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