Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Home Again

Home is where the heart is!  That is for sure.  As long as I have lived in Utah, my heart isn't there as much as my hometown.  Someday this may change, but as far as now goes, it hasn't.

Yesterday, my sister, her children, and I started out at 5:30am in Utah and ended up in my hometown at 11pm.  The only person that knew we were coming was my Mom.  My twin sister found out that we were coming as she drove with my Mom to the airport.

My brothers has just clenched the softball championship about 10 minutes before our arrival and were pretty excited to show my Mom, who had called them to tell them to come over and talk.  First, my father came.  We were all excited that we surprised them, then my brother came, then my brother-in-law and nephew, and people kept arriving for the next 30 minutes.  Before midnight, we had 8 pizzas and Mom's house had 12 people in it to greet us and to visit.  The 17 of us visited until after 1am when I had to throw in the towel-- I was exhausted.

It felt so good to sleep in my old room and to get hugs from the people I love!

I am home again!!
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