Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I won!!

Within the last month I have won the following at Twitter Parties:

  1. $500 Apple GC from @Protect_a_bed
  2. $175 from  @AllLocallyMade & @MommyMomentBlog
  3. Newborn Tutu from @cutiepatutus
  4. $50 Amazon GC from @momcentral  
We Share with You wrote a blog article on Twitter Parties if you would like to learn more about how to attend and what they are.

I have also won several things from blog giveaways in the past month.  I have won:

  1. Ancestry.com Deluxe Membership from My Gloss
  2. R. W. Knudsen 50th Anniversary Sparkling Grape Juice from Susan Heim on Parenting
  3. CanvasPress 16x20 print from Busy Working Mama
  4. YP.com $50 Visa Card from Fru Frugal
The only thing I signed up relentlessly to win and did not was pajamas from Crazy for Bargains

familyThe CanvasPress print turned out excellent.  I may take the plastic off someday when I am older, braver, and find the perfect spot.  This is my favorite tree in front of my parent's house (which they are selling) and I wanted a picture with some of the house, a lot of the tree, and the Hardy girls! 

A picture of the tutu will come when my niece is born and wears it on Halloween!  I'm still patiently waiting for the $500 GC and then I will have my very own ipad 2!

A favorite saying of my Dad's always has been, "You need to be in it to win it!"

Thank you to all the blog authors, companies, and twitter users who have been gracious enough to offer giveaways!

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