Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Cried like a Baby at Physical Therapy

I had surgery on my knee on July 19th and am going to Physical Therapy to help me get the full range of movement back.  At my first physical therapy appointment, I broke down and cried.  I'm not talking just a tear or two, a full-blown cry that made the Assistant look for kleenex.

The reason that I cried still amazes me and I wanted to share it with you:

The Physical Therapist and the Assistant were talking about a workout... I believe the Infinity.  The assistant had just purchased it to help him with his weight management goals and the Therapist thought it would be fun for them to do it together.  They were talking over me, literally, one was on one side and the other on the other side of me. 

I told them how lucky they were that they could do anything to lose weight, then the tears started streaming, They looked at me as if I was psycho because after all, this was our first appointment, and I was in tears.  I rehashed for them the past 6 years of living in pain and not being able to live the life that I wanted.  Sure, some days were better than others, but I couldn't run at all, and walking became painful after a mile, the elliptical was hard because my knee always locked up on me, and exercise really was painful!  I told them that I just wanted to be skinny again like I was when I injured my knee and I just cried and cried!  This was the first time I had vocalized the pain of gaining weight to anyone... and the agony of not being able to burn the calories to lose it.

After my tears were gone, one of the brave souls said, "If we do our job, you'll be able to exercise without pain!  If your doctors had done their job and realized there was something still causing your pain then this would have been cleared up long ago"  I have a new hero now.... he is my Physical Therapist and the Assistant handled it nicely too!

Have you just ever started crying out of the blue?  Have you been able to successfully lose weight?  If so, tell me your stories.  If not, believe me, we all have to start somewhere.  I hope when I am able to move freely that I can join others in losing weight and motivating each other to do it!

Photo from stock.xchng
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