Saturday, August 20, 2011

Highlights of the last Week

My sister and I flew to see my parents, sister, brothers, and nieces and nephew on August 11th.  We have done a lot, but the highlights of a visit with the family have been:

  1. The Buffalo Bisons versus the Toledo Mud Hens baseball game.  The Bisons won, the fireworks after were amazing, and I got to visit with the family on the way up and on the way home (3 hour round trip)
  2. Blueberry picking.  There were 8 children and 8 adults picking blueberries for a pancake breakfast.  We got lots of good photographs, had some fun conversations, and will have a tasty treat tomorrow morning.
  3. Softball tournament.  This softball tournament has been a summer tradition for over 10 years and we were able to watch my brothers and their team play.  They won 2 and lost 2, but it was still fun to watch other teams.
  4. We were supposed to start back toward home today, but my sister's van broke down and it bought us another day to visit with the family.  This may not be a highlight for most people, but I enjoy the extra day!
  5. I got to eat at my favorite restaurant again!  I have missed Don Luchos and have tried to replace it, but it is not going to be replaced with any restaurants in our current city.
What are some things that you enjoy when you visit with your family?  Do you have any thing that you look especially forward to?  
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