Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goodbye Harry Potter

I watched the last of the Harry Potter films with my niece.  This was the first of the series that she has watched and she was a fan!  She asked me, "When can we watch the rest?"

I'm thinking when I return from vacation that I will once again have the chance to watch all the Harry Potter films and once again say bye. 

I was a late fan of the volumes.  I started reading them in the summer of 2005 and read through all the ones that weren't already out in 2 weeks.  My husband was in the field (Army) and I had nothing better to do in a new town.  I instantly fell in love with Harry and the gang and was hooked. 

I named my puppy that I got in September of 2005 after Dobby, the house elf.  It made me tear up as the opening scene of Harry Potter 7 Part 2 showed on the screen.  Dobby was an awesome free house elf... my Dobby is an amazing, free house dog  :)

The last book came out as the divorce was in the final stage.  I curled up with the Deathly Hallows the day it came out and read it straight through into the wee morning hours.  I felt accomplished and knew that I would be all right by the time I finished this book.

I remember watching the first of my Harry Potter movies in a theater with a nephew in 2005.   He and I watched the next few together and as I sat and watched Part 2 I was thinking of him.  That nephew and I watched the first few movies in the series together on DVD.

Do you think you will watch the movies again?  What are some of your memories as you read the books or waited for the movies?
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