Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fire Drills with Children

One thing I always did as a daycare teacher was to do fire drills with the children and let them meet firefighters in full gear.  The full gear frightens children because they look like martians and don't sound much better so it was always good to prepare them and let the children interact for as long as the firefighter could stand to be in the uniform.

I would encourage everyone with children to let them know what you expect of them when they see smoke or when the smoke detector goes off in your home.  Do you want them to check on a child or get right out the door?  Is it a buddy system or everyone for themselves?  Communicate your thoughts and expectations to the people in your household.

Practice with them and let them know what could happen during a fire.  Get them out of the house, to the spot where everyone meets, and time it to see if any adjustments need to be made.  Then do it unexpectedly within the next week and see if the children move quickly or another talk needs to happen.

Many families already do this, but if you are not doing this, and you have children, I would encourage you to come up with a simple plan and start now.

Does your family currently have a fire drill plan?  What else besides a meeting place did you include in your plan?
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