Monday, July 25, 2011

When you Know It's Puppy Love

Dobby the week we found him
This is what the little guy looked like when I first saw him in a pickup truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Durant, Oklahoma over the Labor Day weekend.  Honestly, I did not really want a dog, but my husband begged, I made a few calls, and found out that when he deployed, my sister would accept me and this puppy with open arms.  So, I went into Wal-Mart on that Saturday ,in September of 2005, picked up a crate, some dog dishes, some dog food, a collar and a leash.

Since the husband was deploying later in the month and the puppy was going to hang out with me, he let me pick him out.  I wanted a boy and one that seemed loveable.  This little guy was hiding with the 3 little kids in the back of the pickup while the rest were jumping around wanting to be picked.  I said, "I want that one!"  It was all over and done with.... I had that one! 

The little guy was a trooper and I was a trooper.  He whined, he smelled, and we were on a road trip at this time a few hours from where the husband was stationed.  I didn't whine as much as the dog... I'm still proud of myself for that!

We had the talk... the one that causes fights and tantrums.  I started it.  "What should we name him?"  He said some name that made me thankful we didn't have children together!  Then I said, "Why not Dumbledore?"  He didn't think it would be safe with the prospect of me narrowing it down to the nickname Dummy.  He won, he knew me... I still wasn't fond of having this whiny, smelly creature sitting on me and I would have called him Dummy for awhile.

After Dumbledore, I came up with Voldemort.  He wasn't having any of this... the name that is not to be spoken.  He said, "We should name him Dobby!"  I looked at the dog, thought of a house elf, and said, "I love that name!"

Dobby's first adventure with us was on a Pontoon boat that we had rented somewhere in Texas along Lake Texoma.  We fed Dobby, he puked.  Fortunately, I could just scoop the vomit into the lake!  Victory for me!  Dobby got his victory later in the tent on my sleeping bag... I could see this was going to be a battle!

Dobby was alone most of the time from 8am to 5pm.  He didn't have respect for his crate at first... and I thought it was an evil attempt to make me give him back.  Then, little by little we began having victories together.  I paper trained him and he did so good.  We got the papers so close to the door and he constantly was using them.

It was time to take him from Oklahoma to New York where I was going to spend time with my family for a year while my husband was deployed.  He did so good on the trip being just 2 months old!  We got him to my parents, then ultimately to my sisters, he had a few accidents here and there, but in retrospect, I should have warned people he was paper trained.  He did so good going on everyone's papers without any discrimination at all!  What a good dog he was!!

Dobby in April 2010
Then came the day I really fell in love with Dobby.  It was December 10th and I opened up an email that made me gasp and immediately shed tears.  My sister thought my husband was killed on his tour... but it wasn't that, it was an email from a "friend" letting me know my marriage was in trouble.  I was so used to waking up early, reading my email from my husband, and getting on with my day.  I waited for the phone to ring, I waited for an email, but it didn't come.  The friend had "cc" the email to my husband.

I cried, I paced, I wept... my dog stayed by my side.  I realized at 6:00 pm that my dog hadn't left my side all day.  He snuggled next to me, he laid on me, and licked me, and he was there for me.  This is abnormal for a dog that is less than 6 months old.  He comforted me and he didn't care about going out to play.  I called my sister up, told her what was happening, and asked her to take Dobby out... she let him out and he ran right back up and didn't leave my side.  December 10, 2005 is the day I fell absolutely in love with my Dobby!!

His 6th birthday was June 23, 2011.  He is living with my sister now (the one that we had lived with since he was a puppy) and I like to think he is happy.  He has his best friend, Nitro, the golden retriever and a nice yard to play in.  I hope to get a house that is close to my sister, so that I can have Dobby again and so that he and his best friend can play together!

Do you have any experiences with an animal comforting you?  I love to hear from my readers so please leave a comment below!
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