Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Looking For...

I love the idea of being in love.  I have loved being a wife, a step-mother, a homemaker, and working to support the household.  I have loved vacations, cuddling with the man I love, cooking a romantic dinner hoping he likes it... I have loved nearly everything about my relationships.

But, I don't love the heartbreak when the relationship comes to an end, the sick to my stomach feeling, and not knowing if I will ever have that again.  The dreams that we have built together come to an end and I know that those dreams won't be the same being fulfilled alone.  

I am still looking for a man that will make me happy, that will challenge me, that will not mind quiet nights at home alone watching a movie, etc... 

The One that Got Away is still embedded in memory and taught me a lot about what relationships should be like.  It didn't last nearly as long as I would have been satisfied with and still wonder what if.  I would like any man that I am in a relationship to have a lot of the same characteristics of the one that got away.

datingHe was a hard worker, he didn't mind small public displays of affection, he was always so eager to hold my hand.  He would call me when we weren't together and let me know that he cared.  He was not one to buy flowers or to give presents, but that was all right. I don't need a man showering me with gifts and wasting his money.  The important things are what he did and the way that he did them.

 I am pretty sure he is married and is probably a wonderful husband.  I know that chapter in my life is over and done with, but still, I am thankful for what he taught me.

He taught me how to have fun without spending a lot of money, we had such awesome dates, but not too expensive. He taught me how to appreciate quiet time and that we didn't always need to be doing something.  The other things he taught me was that romance is alive, chivalry isn't dead, and you don't always need to appreciate the same things or be at the same place, to be happy.

I remember feeling so worthy of love and so good about myself when I was with this man, after I talked to him on the phone, and just having him in my life.  I would love to have that feeling around a man again, and you know what, I think it's possible!  I'm looking for that special feeling again, the long talks, the amazing dates, someone that challenges me to do better for myself and to do things that make other people happy.

I would love a man with a great sense of humor, one that appreciates travel, and one that won't expect me to be the only one cooking and cleaning.  Household chores aren't my favorite things.

I won't settle for just any man that is showing me attention.  I am going to wait and settle for a man that is truly meant to be in my life.  I think many women have just settled and as much as we try to make things work, we are truly unhappy!  It's hard to be happy when we just settle...

What are some of the characteristics you are looking for in another person?  What is the thing that drew you to the person you are with now? 

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