Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moments in Time

We all have moments that have changed our life for the best or have shattered our dreams and we had to rebuild after those moments.  My moment came on November 11, 2005 when I was a daycare teacher.  

surgeryThere were a lot of little 18 month to 36 month old children in that room, 20 or 21, and it was diaper changing time before naptime.  Now for those of you who think this is an easy task… as you are changing one child’s diaper, three more take the opportunity to mess themselves.  By the end, you have changed every child that is not potty-trained (and potty trained toddlers are very few and far between).  

A fight broke out.  Imagine Mike Tyson as a little guy and you’ll be able to better grasp what was going on.  The little guy had the other little guy pinned, biting him, as the other little guy tried to kick him off.  (The kid must not have liked lunch that day and thought this other kid looked tasty is all I can think of to this day.)  I went over (after getting the diaper changing gloves off) and had to get down, grab the child off, and when I started to stand up the child lunged back to finish off his worthy opponent.  The little guy nearly lunged out of my arms and sent my knee sideways and when I stood up, I started to cry.  The biter started to cry and instantaneously all the children were quiet.  Problem was, I couldn’t walk, but I had managed to quiet the whole room and felt a victory of sorts!  

I’ll skip ahead from that time to the present- I’m going on my third knee surgery on Tuesday due to a torn meniscus (cartilage in the knee) which was the result of one bad moment in time.  I look back and can’t find too many things that I could have done differently.

This is only one moment in my life that has changed it quite a bit.  I have had many positive moments, some awkward moments, and some devastating moments in my life.  I look at my life now and wonder what moments people are going to remember me by.  I hope to remind myself each day that I only have one life to live and I want it to be a good and hopefully those moments in time will add up to one great lifetime!  

I would like to read your comments on this blog.  If you have questions, ask away.  I read every comment that you make.

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