Saturday, July 30, 2011

Memories of Summers

Summer time has been filled with many memories for me, some good, some bad, and some that I hope to be able to cherish for the rest of my life.

My Grandfather and Uncle were bakers in Bridgeport which is a small town in the Sierra Mountains in California.  I remember walking into the bakery and them sharing some custard with me or something else equally delicious!  I learned to love the glazed doughnuts right out of the oven and would love my morning walks to the bakery to enjoy a treat.  When we got older, it became more about partaking in the Fourth of July Events in this small town while visiting with family, more than it was visiting the bakery.  My uncle has four children that I love dearly and we had so much fun together during our Fourth of July visits.  The scenery in that small town is beautiful, the activities are fun, and I have been hoping to go back for 8 years now!  We vow one of these years we will make it back there!

Mud Volleyball Pit in Bridgeport
Mud Volleyball was one of the activities that I learned to enjoy the most.  I thought it would be pretty disgusting, but mud volleyball is something I looked forward to year after year.  The competition was double elimination and we usually played more than 2 games, so I thought we were good  :)  After the competition, we would shower, eat, then wait for the Million Dollar Fudge to be made.  I miss my cousins... I haven't seen them since 2002.  One of these summers, we will enter that competition again and hope for the best!!

My father and mother have a special place in their hearts for San Diego and the surrounding areas.  I was able to take a tour with them around the area for a few hours and see what they enjoyed... they lived about a block from the ocean!  I would love to go back, stay in a hotel close to the beach, and take in this area for a few days as an adult and to learn why they enjoyed it so much. 

My father played softball when we lived in Houston, TX then joined a league in Olean when I was 18.  It was so good to see him on the field, then my brothers joined teams, and every summer since then I have been able to enjoy watching them playing softball.  I would travel to watch their tournaments and would try to stay awake for their 24 hour tournaments (I never did manage to pull an all nighter!) 

I have had many camping trips, road trips, family reunions, softball games, etc during the summer... but the things I remember the most are the ones that I have done with people I love.  It seems it isn't as memorable by myself...

What are some of your favorite summer time memories?  I hope that all of you are having the best summer imaginable and that this summer will be something to remember in the future!
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