Saturday, July 23, 2011

Four of my Favorite Places I have Stopped at on Road Trips

I have been on several road trips in the United States and there are a few spots that I would recommend that you visit if you have the chance.  These are not listed in any particular order, but are all favorites of mine:

Little Big Horn Battlefied:  First, I never knew this landmark existed.  I had heard of the battle in some history book over the years and was surprised when we (Mom, Dad, and I) came across it in Montana.  This is the first time I could imagine what the Native Americans ,so many years ago, went through and the horror that they must have felt.  The viewpoints, the markings of where different people fell, and the story behind it all left it's mark on me.  Click here for more Information  I would recommend setting aside time to explore this rather than just driving through and stopping to read the markers.

Harper's Ferry National Historical Park:   This park is in West Virginia. I fell in love with the beauty of this Park due to the trees, the river, and the shuttle ride into the park.  This spot is where the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers meet and is near quite a few of the Civil War Battlefields.  There is a museum, some children's programs, and you can tour around yourself.  The longest I have spent here is an hour, but there are restaurants, book stores, and other places that people could spend much more time in.  Once again, I wish I had planned more time for this, but it was beautiful and a spot I would like to go back to again.  Click here for more Information

Smithsonian Museums: I love the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC.  I have been to several of them many times and some of the others once or twice.  I appreciate the Air and Space Museum because it has the least expensive food in the food court and a lot of cool displays.   The Natural History Museum is the museum that the children love going to the most.  There is a lot to see and some hands on things for them.  The best thing is that they are free to go into and explore around.  Click here for more Information Going through the museums can take hours to go through.  We have set apart a weekend to tour through the Museums and keep going back to see the new displays.

Savannah, Georgia: I fell in love with this city.  The moss covered Oak Trees, the mansions, and the Old Trolley Tour stole my heart!   I would highly recommend taking a tour of the city.  I loved the Old Trolley Tour that I went on!  It was fantastic!  I had the opportunity to take a tour of one of the Old Mansions, look around at Gardens, and walk around on the Riverfront.  I spent one day in the city and have wanted to go back every since.  I think if I had three days to tour around there that I would have been happier.  Click here for the Trolley Tour Link

This is me at Zion National Park in June 2011
There are so many more places that I have fallen in love with, learned from, or just think they are so cool!  What are some of your favorite spots?  Have you been to any of the places I mentioned above and what to share with the readers what you think?  As always, I love reading comments!

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