Sunday, July 17, 2011

Embarrassing Moment

    My sister gave me the idea for this one after reading her blog at Wesharewithyou 

    I still blush when people bring this up and the laughter is enough to make me shake!  I still want to confront this person and ask him what he was ever thinking, but you’ll understand in a bit why that is impossible.  Anyway…

    My boyfriend’s Mom was engaged to a bakery owner.  Since I liked baked goods, I talked him into bringing me to the bakery so I could meet this guy he has said so many nice things about, and to get some delicious sugar cookies.  I went in and boyfriend didn’t introduce me.  I ask him to introduce me and he says he won’t do it because the guy won’t recognize him due to his haircut.  I laugh at him and say it’s a buzz cut… not an extreme makeover.  So he walks up to the guy and starts to talk to him.  I should have known something was up at this time due to body language and stuff, but when you like someone you tend to go blind (That is a whole blog topic in itself!)

    So at this point I am frustrated wondering why my boyfriend won’t introduce me to the guy that his mom is engaged to and that he personally has spent a lot of time with.  So I walk up, offer my hand to shake while introducing myself saying, “Hi, I’m Brenda.  I’m dating (insert boyfriend’s name).”  The bakery guy is looking at me totally weird at this time and I’m feeling really uneasy.  He says, “Oh… that is (so and so)… I must not have recognized him due to his haircut.  My name is (I don’t remember his name)”  So I’m thinking guys really must not recognize people if they get 1 inch of hair cut off.

    I got into the car and mentioned that I thought the reaction was really strange when I introduced myself.  The bakery owner looked at me as if I was insane. 

    We’ll fast forward to a few weeks later.  I found out that most everything my boyfriend had told me was a lie.  He didn’t have a job, he didn’t have a car, and most importantly to me, his mom wasn’t engaged.  I nearly died with embarrassment when I realized this boyfriend let me introduce myself to a perfect stranger.  Then I flashed back to when he nearly talked me into breaking and entering telling me we were going into a home that he was given permission to go into.  I’m still so thankful the doors were all locked and he didn’t push any of them open in my absence and invite me in!

    Sadly enough, this isn’t my worst ex-boyfriend story, but he does win for most embarrassing.  Still, who in their right mind carries a lie that far?!

    I think embarrassing moments are great for a number of reasons, but it shows we are all human!  

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