Thursday, July 21, 2011

Communicating with a Child

One day I took my niece and nephew to the park.  I let them play for awhile when I noticed something.  I went over to my niece, picked her up, and asked her, “Did you wet yourself?”  Since she’s always been smart, she said, “No, the slide was wet.”  This would have worked to her advantage better if it had rained in the past few days.  

I brought the kids to their house and started to change her.  I asked, “Where do you keep your panties?”  She looked at me perplexed and answered, “In my pants!”  She was probably wondering where I kept mine at that point. 

To this day, I still wonder what was running through her mind.  I think as adults, we have a responsibility to communicate to children clearly and to let them know what we really want.  We sometimes lose patience and never do let them know what we really needed to say to them.  

What are some tips you have when communicating with children?  Please leave a comment to help parents and parents to be, or just to let me know what you think.  

The best pointer I can give is to not talk down to them, but use jargon that you think you would have known at that age and use more defining words than you would use when talking to an adult.  

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