Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Children are Precious

I think children are absolutely amazing creatures!  From the way they develop in the uterus, to how they come out all clumsy and unable to do anything, to when they start finding their tongue, to all those amazing things! 

I have watched many children in my lifetime and am still amazed.  I was amazed when I was in a daycare, in the toddler room, and watching them develop, helping them learn through discovery and play, and watching them watch each other.  
My nephew in 2000

Yet, as much as I love these precious beings and consider them a blessing to all who have a child, I yearn for one!  I made it to 10 to 14 weeks and that is the only life I have felt inside of me.  I wonder what it would be like to have that life out of me and raise it!  I wonder the amazing joy that I would feel in my life as a parent.  I know it isn't all easy, that parenting is heart-wrenching at times, and that many parents wonder, "What could have I done differently?"  But still... I wonder!

But, I don't have that.  So, I sit back and enjoy the many wonderful children that are in my life.  I am fortunate to have Johnny, Matthew, Julia, Rodney, Caleb, Valaney, Emma, Joey, Delilah, Abram, and Amelia in my family.  I have had the opportunity to hold these children as babies, to be excited as they take their first steps, and to marvel in their very firsts with their parents.  

As they get older, I get to go to preschool graduations, kindergarten graduations, and to any school activity that I am able to make it too.  It is wonderful to be a part of a child's life and to see the excitement as they achieve different things!

Me, my cake, and my siblings in 1976
My sister had the last of my nephews and nieces, Abe, in December of 2007.  I was so thankful that she let me hold him in the hospital more than she did.  When the nurse made a snide remark after "letting" the baby boy pee all over me, I just smiled at him and was so thankful he was healthy and had such good aim! She is pregnant again and I can't wait to get to see this little one! 

My nephew who was born in 1999 just didn't understand why his male cousin born in 2003 didn't want to play with him.  He made the comment to his aunt, "Your baby is just dumb!" My sister explained to my dear sweet nephew that he wasn't dumb, but babies don't talk and walk until they are a little older. 

Somehow, many of us make the transition from babies to adulthood.  Doesn't it amaze you the journey we go through and the journey that our younger generation is going through?  What amazes you the most about children?  Does it calm any of you down just to be able to hold a baby or get a hug?
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