Friday, July 29, 2011

An Amazing Woman I know...

I know many amazing women.  Some of them are my sisters, the women I attended church with, the people at the YWCA, and a few close friends.  Today, I want to share the story of an amazing woman that has loved me since before I was born... my Mom.

Last night, when I was trying to sleep, but couldn't, the weirdest thing happened.  I started thinking about my Mom.  I was thinking about our last phone call and the phone calls before.  The phone calls last about 5 minutes each, just to let her know I am doing okay and to let her know that I love her.  Each week, we talk about 15 minutes on the phone, I know she would appreciate more, but she also respects the fact that the phone just isn't my thing.  I love her for not making me stay on the phone longer than I want to. 

Mom and Dad in Yosemite National Park
Before I moved out West, I would drive to her house on the weekend and we would hang out.  Dad would watch his shows on the TV downstairs and Mom and I would sneak upstairs, climb into her bed, and find a movie that we both wanted to watch on TV.  Some of these movies made us laugh, some made us cry, but I loved the time I was able to spend next to her.  I miss our movie nights very much!  

Mom and I have been able to take a few vacations together!  We flew to Las Vegas for a few days, hung out in our room, drove around a bit, and both agreed driving over the Hoover Dam would be more torture than fun.  She would have went and toured it with me if I had wanted to, but she would have hated every minute of it, but she wouldn't have complained!  We have went to Washington, DC and the traffic brings out the brat in me.  Oh, how I hate the Washington, DC traffic, but Mom is a trooper and drives through it with my backseat driver rantings and ravings.  We tour through the Smithsonian Museums, we walk along the National Mall, and we had the opportunity to take a walking tour of more Monuments and Memorials than any tourist should in a single day.  She didn't complain, but I was regretting my choice of activities a few hours into it! 

We have made many discoveries together, some good, some bad, and some we still aren't sure about.  We have decided that candy stores should be taken in moderation and not with a vengeance, we have found that some buffets are better than others, that some side roads should remain unseen, and that we are completely different beings, but can still have fun together!  I think if she were not my mom that I would not have the opportunity to know her because I am bold (perhaps stupid) and blunt, she is a perfect lady that would do anything for anyone! 

The time that I have been able to spend alone with my Mom will always be memorable to me.  As much as I love my father, my 5 siblings, and their dog; it isn't often when one of us, besides Dad, gets alone time with Mom.  She is a busy woman.  She has worked on the Zoning Committee in the small town where we live, is active in the Family history department at church, and will run people all over town better than a taxi if they don't have a way to go themselves.  I once was admitted to the hospital, for 10 days; my siblings joked that I did that to have mom all to myself.  I was in Buffalo, NY which was an 1.5 hour trip each way from where Mom was living, and each day she would come up, spend several hours with me, then go home.  I cherish those hospital moments!  

I love my Mom very much and am thankful that she loves me!

Who are some amazing women that you know?  What makes them amazing to you?
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