Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weighing in Wednesday: A Different Mindset

I've been at a standstill weight wise since I gained back the 40 pounds that I lost between October 2012 and April 2013.  I am thankful that I didn't gain it all back plus additional weight!

I was telling myself that it was okay, that I still look adorable, and that I know I can lose the weight. 

THEN the reality struck that my physical condition is not okay.  Now, I realize that some people are in perfectly good physical condition at my weight, but I am not.

I was in charge of watching my niece, who is three, while her mom went to work.  One day my niece was adamant that she did not want to get in her car seat and when I opened the door to the van, she bolted!  Fortunately, she bolted down the sidewalk and not into the street.  The sad part is it took me far longer to catch up with the speedy child than it should have! 

With this new realization that it is NOT okay, I got into a new mindset.  I am not exercising to lose weight.  That is not what matters.  I am exercising to get myself into shape so that I can run if needed, to be able to lift a child and run, if needed, and to be able to run at least one mile if my life depended on it.  Right now, I would sadly not be able to run away from anyone, not even a three-year-old!

After reading through different exercise reviews for beginners for strength and cardiovascular conditioning, I chose to start the Rockin Body DVDs.  I will be doing my Week 2 Day 3 workout today and can say that I am starting to catch on to the routine, but still find myself working out with the modifier at times. 

 So, here are my stats for Week 1 from Fitstudio that I synced with my Fitbit. 

Fitstudio Fitbit Rockin Body Workout
(I did move on Sunday, but I didn't start Fitstudio until Monday)

I took some photos before starting my first workout and my measurements.  I am hoping for some good results, but the best results will be when I am faster, stronger, and can go on hikes without feeling like I'll never catch my breath!

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Resolutions and Update on 2014 Resolutions

I believe in being accountable.  It really helps!  As a result, I am sharing a few of my 2015 Resolutions.

  1. Throw away the scale - it is depressing, it just tells me that I am fat, and doesn't help me with goals.
  2.  Drink less soda pop.  I do not think it was meant to sustain life, but I have been using it that way.  I won't say I won't drink anymore, but I will drink more water.
  3. Don't enable myself to stuff my face.  I won't tell myself that it is all right and that I can start with a change later.  The change needs to happen now.
  4. Stop the negative self-talk.  I would almost never talk about other people the way that I talk about myself.  It is mean and down right disrespectful and I don't deserve that clutter in my mind.
  5. Move more.  The couch and I are great friends, but it would be okay to get off of it and walk around more and maybe see what it would be like to do a crunch or a push up every once in awhile.
  6. Stay in touch with friends and family more.  I really DISLIKE the telephone, but it would not hurt me to email and send mail to people I care about more.
  7.  Save money 
  8. Put make up on more - this will be easy as I think I may have done it five times last year.
  9. Get in more photos.  Due to my negative self-talk, I don't get into photographs.  This should stop and it will! 
    Family Photo
    Justin and I in June 2014
My goals from last year are:

Gained it all back, but didn't go over! 1. Weight loss: Somehow, through moving, a lot of emotions and simply shoving food into my face, I have managed to keep off 16 pounds.  It is a huge breakthrough that I managed to see where this was headed and keep that much off.  I joined a gym, I am counting calories, and really hope to see a significant weight loss when I see 2015.

We traveled to Utah, Colorado, and New York.  Although I didn't get to Florida, I'm counting this one a win!   2. Travel: I LOVE traveling.  I'm hoping to get to Florida this year, but we will see how many pennys I am able to spend.  I'm also thinking Puerto Rico or the Grand Bahama Islands may be somewhere that would be good.  I've only been in the US and Canada and there is so much of the world that I would love to see

Before we moved, I got things looking pretty good with some baskets, throwing things away, and using shelves.  3. Organizing the boat: We have too much in the boat and such limited space.  It is a battle to try to get my boyfriend to downsize because he loves his electronics.  I think a 69 inch television is a little outrageous and a full sized desk.  My goal would be to have 32 inch television with some classy shelving on the sides (with doors) so I could shove some items in there to hide it.  If we could get a smaller desk, he could still have his two monitors, but it would give us more space to be able to organize better.  Organizing is difficult for me in any amount of space!

Do you believe in making New Year's Resolutions?  How do you hold yourself accountable?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bucket List Update

On Christmas Day 2012 I updated my bucket list, so I figure it is time to do it again!

  1. Go to Greece - Greece has so much history, beautiful architecture, and islands!  I can see myself hopping from island to island, with my camera and a friend.
  2. I'm married now so this doesn't apply - Date more by seeking out single events - Dating is something that I haven't tried to do in a few years.  I figure that it can't hurt to start going to single's events, having fun, and maybe meeting a decent man.
  3. my
  4. For some reason, this just isn't a huge goal anymore.  Go to a Blogging Conference, perhaps BlogHer13 will be the one - I had BlogHer11 envy as I sat at home.  I have heard there are so many opportunities to meet wonderful people and brands at these events. 
  5. Visit Florida - I want to visit Disney World and Sanibel Island.  I think this would be a fun trip to take with my Mom, sisters, and nieces and nephews!  If any other siblings want to come along, that would be fun too!
  6. Visit Alaska in the summer time and fish for halibut - My grandfather loved Alaska and would always send halibut back to us when he was there.  I have wanted to see why he fell in love with Alaska and catch some Halibut of my own.
  7. Visit Hawaii and stay in a hotel on beach - Hawaii looks beautiful in all the pictures and television shows I have seen.  It would be nice to get a hotel on the beach and listen as the waves come crashing in!
  8. Go back to Savannah, GA and stay in the historic district - I have been to Savannah once and only was able to tour around the city for a few hours.  It was a city I fell in love with and have wanted to go back and stay longer.
  9. I did this and it was wonderful!  Get a full makeover including hair, make-up, and clothes - I would like to see what a professional could do with my hair, see what clothes would be most flattering, and learn more about make-up.  This would be something that I would remember for the rest of my life!
  10. Go on  a cruise.  I have been looking at cruises to the Caribbean and hope that this can take place soon.
  11. I'm not a runner.  I've tried and it just will not work out.  Run a 5k.  Most people would not need to put this on a bucket list, but I can assure you, this is something that will not come easy to me.
  12. I did this!  Justin and I did this while we were still dating and it was a great experience.  Go and see Mount Rushmore. I was within 30 minutes of this once on a road trip, but as things turned out, it was not something I was able to do at that time.  Since then, I have always wanted to go back!
  13. Get a professional spa treatment.  The only facials, waxings, etc I have ever had were at a beauty school.  I want to go to an actual spa and get a facial, pedicure, and massage!  I came so close at the Peppermill in Reno, but I cancelled it. 
What are some things you have on your bucket list?  What place have you traveled to that you would love to visit again?
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